Saturday, October 17, 2009


The Problem with cooking is that all food has a shelf life. No product no matter how expensive or fine will keep forever. The freshness of a product can work for or against the cook at hand. Spoiled can only be thrown out, yet ingredients at their peak are unforgettable and need little to accentuate their natural beauty. For that matter, each dish made is gone in an instant whether it be the trash, the floor or someone's satisfied belly. This fact becomes problematic as at the end of the best cooking day all that is left is a sweet memory, a smell that will forever evoke the happenings of that instant of time. Well, that's life. The good must be savored and cherished, the bad thrown out with the knowledge of how to prevent waste in the future. Have a wonderful weekend, don't hesitate to take a taste of life and hold it for a moment longer than usual. Maybe it will come back in some far off year when a delicious memory will hold you over until reinforcements come along.
Spice of Life Gingerbread
Grease and flour 9 or 10 in. square baking pan
Combine in medium bowl and whisk together
2 cup baking mix,
½ t baking soda
½ t cinnamon
½ t Chinese five spice.
Make well in center and add below.
3 lg eggs beaten
2/3 c brown sugar
2 T canola oil
3 T molasses ( not black strap)
2/3 c. Buttermilk or soured milk
Then combine with a thorough but light hand.
Preheat 400 turn down oven to 350 just as closing oven door on cake. Bake 23-28 min frost if desired with cream cheese frosting or maple glaze.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

MUM's Wisdom

Moms may be wise beyond their years or experience, and indeed mabe the thought originated with some great mother in some region of the world. Nonetheless, I think the chrysanthemum deserves a bit of recognition in its ability to brighten the fall just a bit more. Now that all the beautiful roses and tulips have long since lost there prowess, the mums take the stage. It is nice to consider that a plant that has had to take a back seat all summer can bring a smile when every other plant seems to be losing it gall to hold on. These miraculous flowers grow strong and hardy while everyone else is showing off, and when the world seems to be ready to sleep they enliven the yards of many.
I guess I was just thinking how important it is to accept that things all have their own time for a reason. Going back to a mother's saying, "Bloom where you are planted." Well mom I guess it is not just being willing to grow up and be strong where you are planted but being willing to gather strength and be patient until it is time to bloom. Each of us has our own struggles, joys, talents, and faults. Isn't it nice knowing that we are put here together to complement each other. No one person will continually have to carry the load in the back door. We each get to shine and to share those gifts that make us absolutely amazing at some point. It is just a matter of having courage and faith to not give up until it is our turn. And if courage seems in short supply, lean on someone who might just be in your life to help nourish your hope. Keep lifting your eyes, No one's shoes are that interesting, and just making it through another day is something to be proud of.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Thank Goodness For Helpers

Yes, I know that you all have been astonished and amazed be the feats of Dobson the dog. Yet I am amzed by how much of a friend and helper he is for me. For example, now that I have started working, there has been less time to keep the house clean. Dobson in an effort to help clean up will follow me around with his rag and make sure that while I am scrubbing with two hands I can still hold his rag and pull with my toes.
But most amazing is the fact that when little ones come to play He is always the one who finds the lost cards, blocks, and game pieces, when we sing the clean up song.I don't knwo If Brian taught him than or if we just have a very special dog but how cool.
I am never alone in the kitchen, as Dobson puts on his chef's hat and sits guarding me from any attacking utensils, while I whip up something. I love having a dancing partner for one of my many happy songs who will follow me around jumping and hopping knowing that sometimes you dance because the beat is too much to sit down to. Yeah for a dog who looses his toys cuddles, when you cry, and still chases fallen leaves and butterflies. The best things in life are truly free. Thank goodness that even when things start gettign even busier, I have a little reminder that there is always time to play tug a war with the rag.

Friday, June 06, 2008

Ode to 'Homemade"

Okay, so it is my brother's b-day and in talking to his sweet wife ( the inspiration of not only me writing but the topic itself) I discovered that she is baking him a wonderful birthday cake in the pirate theme. In the process, as all of us who have baked a cake know, these things don't always turn out as planned. In my own experience it has been some of my recipe flub-ups and needing to substitute an ingredient that I have become known for. In one instance I had a really fun bridal shower to prepare for and had put off making the last dish just a little too long. Needing a recipe in a jiffy and scurried onto my favorite recipe web site and prayed I could find something that might be nostalgic for the happy couple. To my dismay the recipe called for something I just didn't have on hand nor did I have the time to run and find. so thus the invention of my "Buckeye Recipe"
They have turned out to be my go to no bake quick recipe when everything seems to be riding around your heels recipe. I was happy that we just didn't have to take home left overs.
THIS is the the miracle of HOMEMADE, even if it doesn't look like much it has all the love and goodness in the world cramped in to every inch of goodness. I was reading a book about how Italians cook, and it cited in the introduction that the reason it tastes so good, is because real Italian food, no matter how long it takes to make, or what region of the country it originated is made with heart.
How cool is that! Any time you need something to be special, remember that it will turn out just fine and more often than not be seen for the simple gesture of appreciation, and love if it is given that tiny piece of your heart. I think that part goes into anything whether store bought hand crafted or passed down, when one gives a piece of life, whether it is everyday life or any other sort of life, it is one of the best gifts that can be received. I find that even dinner turns out better if I remember who I 'm serving and what they like, needs to be of some consideration. Thanks Laura for the inspiration.
Have a wonderful day.

Monday, May 19, 2008

All Moved In

So I know it has been a while since I updated...but I thought I would post the interior pics of our new place.....We are 95% moved in....just need to hang the pictures and some towel bars....that and we stil have no grass.....Anyway, click the link or the picture to see the fun:

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Look what I can do...can you?

I just wanted to let you all see my new trick....Sorry to Kevin, who will now have to refresh the movie over and over for the rest of the weekend.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Torturing the dog is fun to do, to do, to do

This will only end in tears...I know that is what you are all thinking. But if you can stick around long enough to get to the end of the post, you can see Dobson's great adventure down the slide...I am so glad it is warming up here...50 degrees today!! If only our back yard wasn't a bog, we could get back to our agility training. The warmth usually means a few good things in my life.

1. I get to wash my own car....the hose has been lonely in the shed the last few months. And the cars are getting sick of Mikes Car Wash...and the never ending sand poured out on the streets to thaw the ice.

2. I get to shed my winter fat. No, I am not a bear, but for some reason come May I am usually hitting 240 lb, and by the end of the summer I am back to 215.

3. More area to torture the dog...No explanation needed.

4. The white whale gets to see the sun...(Referring of course to my stomach)

4. The most exciting part...It means we are getting ready to move!!!!

And without further delay:

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Tales of a Happy Dog: Part 3

Need I say more.....this is me marking my territory in St. Louis. I got to spend the whole weekend exploring my future home....Granted, they made me stay in the car while they went to church and the temple...but at least I got to go this time. I also was able to prevent myself from destroying the carpet at the hotel...and semi-didn't keep Brian and Rachel up all night barking at every small sound.

I was also able to explore our new house. The had done all the drywall, and were mostly done with the exterior. I even was allowed to go down the stairs all by myself. Life is are some more pics of me!!!....and more pics of the house...

Monday, March 10, 2008

Updated House Photos!!!

We will have more this we are going to st. louis!!! Link to Photos

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Tales of a Happy Dog: Part 2

Yes, I am indeed a happy dog today. Why you may ask?....because I got to teach a cooking class yesterday. Rachel may say that it was her class, but the pictures prove otherwise:Who is the only person looking at the camera?...that is right, it is me. Anyway, it was also the first time that we have had company that I have not mauled everyone as they come in. And as a reward for my good behavior (and successful Italian lesson), the Browns took me to the park and let me stick my head out the car window to eat the bugs.

The park was the greatest. Our sewage treatment plant here has been frozen over the last month and just finally thawed yesterday. This meant that there were all sorts of fun smells at the park, and the bums were no where to be found. Humans have no taste when it comes to smells. I also saw a really big train, skateboarders, and girl scouts selling cookies. (No dog biscuits though)

The final treat of the week. Brian finished finals on Tuesday and let me spend the rest of the week outside with him. We cleaned out the garage, took all the cans to the recycling center, and then ran around the church parking lot....Without a leash!!!! Plus, I just saw some pictures of our new house in St. Louis. They have put on the front doors. I even saw Brian looking at plans for a Dog House, to build in the back yard.

Happy days for Me....Dobson