Sunday, March 02, 2008

Tales of a Happy Dog: Part 2

Yes, I am indeed a happy dog today. Why you may ask?....because I got to teach a cooking class yesterday. Rachel may say that it was her class, but the pictures prove otherwise:Who is the only person looking at the camera?...that is right, it is me. Anyway, it was also the first time that we have had company that I have not mauled everyone as they come in. And as a reward for my good behavior (and successful Italian lesson), the Browns took me to the park and let me stick my head out the car window to eat the bugs.

The park was the greatest. Our sewage treatment plant here has been frozen over the last month and just finally thawed yesterday. This meant that there were all sorts of fun smells at the park, and the bums were no where to be found. Humans have no taste when it comes to smells. I also saw a really big train, skateboarders, and girl scouts selling cookies. (No dog biscuits though)

The final treat of the week. Brian finished finals on Tuesday and let me spend the rest of the week outside with him. We cleaned out the garage, took all the cans to the recycling center, and then ran around the church parking lot....Without a leash!!!! Plus, I just saw some pictures of our new house in St. Louis. They have put on the front doors. I even saw Brian looking at plans for a Dog House, to build in the back yard.

Happy days for Me....Dobson

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Lisa Brown said...

How exciting about the house! and i can only imagine the doghouse Brian will build. I can't wait to see pictures :).