Saturday, September 20, 2008

Thank Goodness For Helpers

Yes, I know that you all have been astonished and amazed be the feats of Dobson the dog. Yet I am amzed by how much of a friend and helper he is for me. For example, now that I have started working, there has been less time to keep the house clean. Dobson in an effort to help clean up will follow me around with his rag and make sure that while I am scrubbing with two hands I can still hold his rag and pull with my toes.
But most amazing is the fact that when little ones come to play He is always the one who finds the lost cards, blocks, and game pieces, when we sing the clean up song.I don't knwo If Brian taught him than or if we just have a very special dog but how cool.
I am never alone in the kitchen, as Dobson puts on his chef's hat and sits guarding me from any attacking utensils, while I whip up something. I love having a dancing partner for one of my many happy songs who will follow me around jumping and hopping knowing that sometimes you dance because the beat is too much to sit down to. Yeah for a dog who looses his toys cuddles, when you cry, and still chases fallen leaves and butterflies. The best things in life are truly free. Thank goodness that even when things start gettign even busier, I have a little reminder that there is always time to play tug a war with the rag.