Thursday, October 09, 2008

MUM's Wisdom

Moms may be wise beyond their years or experience, and indeed mabe the thought originated with some great mother in some region of the world. Nonetheless, I think the chrysanthemum deserves a bit of recognition in its ability to brighten the fall just a bit more. Now that all the beautiful roses and tulips have long since lost there prowess, the mums take the stage. It is nice to consider that a plant that has had to take a back seat all summer can bring a smile when every other plant seems to be losing it gall to hold on. These miraculous flowers grow strong and hardy while everyone else is showing off, and when the world seems to be ready to sleep they enliven the yards of many.
I guess I was just thinking how important it is to accept that things all have their own time for a reason. Going back to a mother's saying, "Bloom where you are planted." Well mom I guess it is not just being willing to grow up and be strong where you are planted but being willing to gather strength and be patient until it is time to bloom. Each of us has our own struggles, joys, talents, and faults. Isn't it nice knowing that we are put here together to complement each other. No one person will continually have to carry the load in the back door. We each get to shine and to share those gifts that make us absolutely amazing at some point. It is just a matter of having courage and faith to not give up until it is our turn. And if courage seems in short supply, lean on someone who might just be in your life to help nourish your hope. Keep lifting your eyes, No one's shoes are that interesting, and just making it through another day is something to be proud of.

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Lisa Brown said...

I love your picture in the tub - so fun. And you are very right - one thing I have learned from all our moving around is to bloom where I am planted :).