Friday, June 06, 2008

Ode to 'Homemade"

Okay, so it is my brother's b-day and in talking to his sweet wife ( the inspiration of not only me writing but the topic itself) I discovered that she is baking him a wonderful birthday cake in the pirate theme. In the process, as all of us who have baked a cake know, these things don't always turn out as planned. In my own experience it has been some of my recipe flub-ups and needing to substitute an ingredient that I have become known for. In one instance I had a really fun bridal shower to prepare for and had put off making the last dish just a little too long. Needing a recipe in a jiffy and scurried onto my favorite recipe web site and prayed I could find something that might be nostalgic for the happy couple. To my dismay the recipe called for something I just didn't have on hand nor did I have the time to run and find. so thus the invention of my "Buckeye Recipe"
They have turned out to be my go to no bake quick recipe when everything seems to be riding around your heels recipe. I was happy that we just didn't have to take home left overs.
THIS is the the miracle of HOMEMADE, even if it doesn't look like much it has all the love and goodness in the world cramped in to every inch of goodness. I was reading a book about how Italians cook, and it cited in the introduction that the reason it tastes so good, is because real Italian food, no matter how long it takes to make, or what region of the country it originated is made with heart.
How cool is that! Any time you need something to be special, remember that it will turn out just fine and more often than not be seen for the simple gesture of appreciation, and love if it is given that tiny piece of your heart. I think that part goes into anything whether store bought hand crafted or passed down, when one gives a piece of life, whether it is everyday life or any other sort of life, it is one of the best gifts that can be received. I find that even dinner turns out better if I remember who I 'm serving and what they like, needs to be of some consideration. Thanks Laura for the inspiration.
Have a wonderful day.